Dyadic, RSB make headlines at World Biofuels Markets

On the first day of World Biofuels Markets in Brussels, Dyadic International announced today the introduction of its most advanced biofuels enzyme, AlternaFuel CMAX, at the World Biofuels Markets exhibition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

AlternaFuel CMAX which was derived from Dyadic’s proprietary and patented C1 platform technology, and has proven to be effective in converting multiple forms of biomass into fermentable sugars which is the critical step in the production of cellulosic ethanol and other advanced biofuels and biochemicals from non-food feedstocks.

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The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels has launched the first global third-party certification system for sustainable biofuels. The RSB Certification System includes environmental, social and economic principles and criteria and features a unique set of online tools aimed at taking the complexity out of compliance and streamlining certification.

Under the new system, biofuel producers that receive RSB certification will be able to:

• Assure their customers that their product is responsibly produced, positioning RSB-certified operators favorably in their markets.
• “Know their biomass/biofuel” by being able to trace the origin of the product along the entire supply chain through various chain-of-custody models.
• Receive market recognition as leaders in biofuels’ sustainable production, which is increasingly important to major fuel buyers and to regulators.
• Benefit from a competitive advantage resulting from the RSB members’ active work to build market demand for certified fuels, especially for certification of entire supply chains.

Jim Lane – Biofuels Digest

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